Program 16 - LAUNCHED!

VUNK Accelerator’16 is NOW officially up and running. We’ll also have a launch event on May 26 @ Garage48 Hub Tallinn. Make sure to grab your ticket soon as they may run out.

Quick Overview of the Accelerator

This year's program is designed to welcome all startups and entrepreneurial people to disrupt and accelerate the telco industry. We kick off with VUNK Idea Garages. The main idea behind the Idea Garages is to give you a chance to pitch and fine-tune your idea to succeed in the next stages of our program. Moreover, it’s a place to network with other participants and the mentors from Telia, Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys.
In the middle of September we are holding the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon, which is a typical 48h idea-to-prototype hacking event. As the competition is pretty intense, we are looking for well thought-out ideas with strong founders or founders-to-be.
Winners of the hackathon get a pass to the exclusive team validation stage and from there on the strongest are picked for the month-long accelerator phase.
In addition to mentoring and market access, teams who make it to accelerator receive a certain percentage of the equity-free fund of €30k.

Areas to explore

As a part of the Telia Group, Telia Eesti operates in areas the of mobile, broadband, TV and IT. So if you have a fresh business idea that is bound to disrupt one these areas, you are very welcome to apply to join our program.
Additionally, we are looking into business streams such as IoT & E-Commerce. Real-Time Economy is certainly an area where we expect big things to happen and we would love to be part of that. Secondly, mobile commerce is a hot topic worldwide – why not see what could be done in that area? We also strongly encourage startups making digitalization work for the B2B segment to take part.
If you see your startup (or future startup) creating value for Telia’s customers, we are very interested in hearing more and we offer a variety of events to get in touch with us during the program.


Our program’s key asset is access to our in-house mentors. People who give you business and tech advice and see if there are common business opportunities. This year we are closely working together with our partners from the Telia Group, so Estonia could be your stepping stone to Scandinavia and the Baltics!

Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

IoT for Telia has become the cornerstone for innovation. It is now time transform it into a more concrete framework, where there are more opportunities for partnerships. At VUNK, we look for companies offering state-of-the-art IoT services, are intelligently tackling SmartCity problems and offering value to their SME and B2B clients.
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Empowering wellness

Technology today allows us to track our activities, sleeping hours, nutrition intake, as well as, monitoring of other vital attributes. But data without context and knowledge is worthless. The question is, how can we use this personally or collectively generated data to achieve greater good?
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The Ultimate Accelerator Pivot To Collaboration Framework

Helping start-up and business entrepreneurs in the last two years, Vunk has become the most sought-after entry point to telecom sector for innovative B2B and B2C start-ups in the region. Vunk was launched in 2015 as a start-up itself that worked with many aspiring startup founders, partners, mentors and helped them accelerate their businesses to new heights. It devised new ways of working and implemented effective strategies that helped business grow at a steady pace.

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Vunk ja Partnerlus.

Pikemalt nüüd ka meie uuest üleskutsest, kuhu erinevalt eelmistest aastatest ootame juba töötava äriideega start-uppe. Meie ülimaks eesmärgiks on luua partnerlusi, et ühiselt innovaatilisi ideid edasi arendada ja pakkuda kliendile uut väärtust.
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