Tartu you rocked! Idea Garage Vol 3

On the last day of August Tartu proved us once again that there are so many great ideas and people willing to make them real, around us! First great thanks to SPARK Demo venue - glad to see such a cool hub, secondly thank you Jüri Kaljundi (Weekdone) and Kei Karlson (GoWorkaBit) for sharing your stories and tricks-and-tips. And of-course all the people who came down and our great partners Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys!
About the ideas. We were glad to see some pitches which we had already heard once in Tallinn, as the saying goes, practice make perfect! On the other hand thanks to the University of Tartu we heard people talking about VR, platforms and all things cool. So well done, keep discovering your customer and problem as Jüri Kaljundi recommended, then find you team or don't and sign up to the hackathon! Same goes to all the engineers, developers, designers and marketers - the pitchers need you in order to succeed!  


problem: people often don't find or have training partner(s).

solution: sportimate.net. Your social network for finding a perfect companion to do desired trainings.


problem: office manager gets lots of information/requests from many people and internal teams - it's an hassle to organise this data.

solution: create a platform where all the information is gathered together and easily managed.


problem: gap between education and technology.

solution: matching gamification with education and new technologies (exact solution TBD).


problem: too much distraction when doing shopping - new AR/VR technologies can create new market.

solution: create new kind of shopping experience in the form of a virtual shopping mall.


problem: the experience of conference calling is not realistic enough.

solution:  conference call with simple, 360 degree visual experience.


problem: no universal platform where you can see the price difference/best offers by electronic device sellers.

solution: platform where end-user can define their need, price etc and sellers can make them an offer.


problem: wallets are boring and not traceable if happen to loose one

solution: Grifters. Grafted smart wallets (skin and metal) with mobile app for tracking.

Markus and Robert presented the same ideas we heard at the Idea Garage Vol 2.

NEXT EVENTS #GetVunked16:

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