Eesti Telekom becomes Telia Eesti

Starting from today brand names EMT and Elion are finally united under one name - Telia. Our official company name is by now Telia Eesti AS.  
"Telia in Estonia is founded on the joint knowledge and experience of two teams. This synergy is strengthened by global know-how of the TeliaSonera group. Together we have the technological competence, unique customer insights and investment capacity to carry out our vision of the New Generation Telco", says Dan Strömberg, CEO of Telia Estonia. More on brand.

VUNK team is happy for that change, as the new vibrant feel is what makes up our everyday! 

VUNK Open Call for Collaboration Autumn Edition

Being a Telia Estonia startup lab, Vunk has helped companies partner with Telia to improve their offering and get access to the market. Vunk ran an accelerator for 2 years and pivoted to Collaboration framework this Spring.

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State of the Art e-Commerce

e-Commerce to us is also anything and everything transactional and dynamic – it is about enabling our customers to complete purchases, subscriptions, manage their services and get help to their questions in our digital channels just as they do in our stores – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

IoT for Telia has become the cornerstone for innovation. It is now time transform it into a more concrete framework, where there are more opportunities for partnerships. At VUNK, we look for companies offering state-of-the-art IoT services, are intelligently tackling SmartCity problems and offering value to their SME and B2B clients.
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Empowering wellness

Technology today allows us to track our activities, sleeping hours, nutrition intake, as well as, monitoring of other vital attributes. But data without context and knowledge is worthless. The question is, how can we use this personally or collectively generated data to achieve greater good?
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