Meet VunkAlumni16 team: CADirect

Get to know the teams and their Co-Founders of our this year's batch. We caught up with CADirect & Christof Neuman. They truly are going to change the world of engineering by bringing the industry efficiency levels to a completely new level! 

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

Elon Musk simply because of the sheer number of world changing ideas he has attacked. It's not easy going from Mobile payments, something in between, and then on to Tesla and Space X, and of course inspiring others to develop the Hyperloop. It has definitely taken a tole on him yet he still continues to persevere and blow peoples minds away. He is not a great public speaker, but I'll forgive him.

Tell about your team dynamics.

Helpful is one word to describe us. When one person is lost or out of ideas someone else will automatically come in and provide some creative genius that helps get the ball rolling again. Its sometimes hard when you don't work together 24\7 in the same room but thanks to the smart Estonians who built Skype we can always reach one another. Overall we have our expertise in our relevant fields and try to let the 'expert' decide on the final say, rather than arguing about it.

Your key learning so far doing your startup:

Things take time and you don't know as much as you think you do! You want to plan out that you will build a function in one month but that one month can easily take three or four months. Always plan with extra 'months', not just days. Calum Cameron from Startup Wise Guys states that you may think you know something, but until you test and either confirm or deny it with the market it's just an assumption. Don't ever build something just because you thought it was needed, always confirm with your market.

What does success look like for your startup?

Changing the engineering industry. Many think that CAD and engineering is just a niche market, but they have yet to realize that literally everything is engineering: your phone, house, car, lawnmower, everything! So if we can even just add a 1% increase in efficiency we will have changed the way how products are manufactured in the world, resulting in Billions saved.

CADirect delivers a platform for engineers to find relevant component specifications immediately within CAD software and to effectively communicate with suppliers and resellers. It's one of the 8 teams now in Vunk Team Validation.


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