Meet VunkAlumni16 team: HypeSilo

The team HypeSilo and George Groshkov came to the hackathon 4 weeks ago with a more or less raw idea. Now they are talking to Telia and others about how to make life for social media managers much easier & all  that to deliver excellent customer experience.

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

Even though the answer may not surprise anyone, HypeSilo's paragon should be Elon Musk. Not only because of the success of his enterprises, but because of their nature. He's taken issues that affects us all as human beings (clean energy, interplanetary travel) and dedicating all his resources into solving them. We believe that the biggest changes we make in the world will come from good ideas and good implementations. We can't convince everyone to make the right decision, but we can actually make the right decision cheaper (and cooler) for everyone. And so we've decided to start small: by making it cheaper and cooler for companies to make decisions on their social media.

Talk about your team dynamics.

Relationships of any kind are all about chemistry: when the feeling is there, everything else will follow. We're still getting to know each other though, but from the beginning we realized that communication flows with an ease none of us usually experiences in any other group. We seem to comprehend that disagreements exist to help us grow, and that our strength derives from our differences as much as from our similarities. We understand that the knowledge and experience we're building is the most important achievement. We know we have to keep pushing the same rock, and decide together in which direction.

Your key learning so far doing your startup:

Some of us have vast experience with startups, some of us are completely new to this world, so even though we're following the same path everyone is learning different things. For the HypeSilo, we've mainly come to understand the main pains social media managers have in their day-to-day work, and we're following on the product's evolution in accordance.

What does success look like for your startup?

Simple: when every company that relies on social media is (happily) using our product, we have done our job.

HypeSilo - we help companies manage their social media conversations with smart, automated responses.

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