Meet VunkAlumni16 team: ShopOn

ShopOn was technically hacked ready just a bit before a similar solution won TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon, so the future is bright for AR and Co-Founder Christer Loob is a big fan of it!

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

John Lasseter, Ed Catmull & Steve Jobs - Pixar. The perseverance of these guys and how they defeated the industry which was insisting that their idea can never work is simply amazing. Truly an inspirational story for entrepreneurs working with unconventional mediums and in uncertain conditions. 

Tell about your team dynamics

One of the best attributes of our team is that most of us have experience in all the technical aspects which go into creating a mixed- and virtual reality application while having deep proficiency in their own fields. This means that we can very easily understand each other, bounce ideas and come up with solutions to problems that arise in the process. We never want to quit learning, the reason we are here today is that we want to continuously evolve and become better at what we do.  

Your key learning so far doing your startup:

Everything should be done one step at a time. If you chase two rabbits at the same time, then you won't catch either of them and the same goes for building a company. That can be something that is very easy and dangerous to forget. We have also learned that so many people are willing to help us with their knowledge and we are incredibly thankful for all the support!

What does success look like for your startup?

Goals of success are something that should be set step-by-step as well. Our current aim is to become self-sufficient and to really learn how to build a scalable business. If we are thinking in the long term then we want to do what we love and if we can change the world in the process, then that for us, is the definition of ultimate success.  

Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

IoT for Telia has become the cornerstone for innovation. It is now time transform it into a more concrete framework, where there are more opportunities for partnerships. At VUNK, we look for companies offering state-of-the-art IoT services, are intelligently tackling SmartCity problems and offering value to their SME and B2B clients.
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Empowering wellness

Technology today allows us to track our activities, sleeping hours, nutrition intake, as well as, monitoring of other vital attributes. But data without context and knowledge is worthless. The question is, how can we use this personally or collectively generated data to achieve greater good?
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The Ultimate Accelerator Pivot To Collaboration Framework

Helping start-up and business entrepreneurs in the last two years, Vunk has become the most sought-after entry point to telecom sector for innovative B2B and B2C start-ups in the region. Vunk was launched in 2015 as a start-up itself that worked with many aspiring startup founders, partners, mentors and helped them accelerate their businesses to new heights. It devised new ways of working and implemented effective strategies that helped business grow at a steady pace.

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Vunk ja Partnerlus.

Pikemalt nüüd ka meie uuest üleskutsest, kuhu erinevalt eelmistest aastatest ootame juba töötava äriideega start-uppe. Meie ülimaks eesmärgiks on luua partnerlusi, et ühiselt innovaatilisi ideid edasi arendada ja pakkuda kliendile uut väärtust.
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