VUNK in 2015 & what's up next

As '15 is becoming to an end it's time to look back on our first batch and season. Plus what's our team's ambition for the next year?

The first season of VUNK Labs in figures:

  • 3 idea garages, 1 hackathon, 1 month of team validation, 1 month of pre-accelerator, 1 DemoDay, 2 partners: Garage48 and StartupWiseGuys, 15+ mentors
  • Over 200 participants in various events of the accelerator programme; 40% of them were from Eesti Telekom
  • 12 teams developed their ideas during the hackathon 
  • 7 teams were admitted to the team validation phase
  • The panel selected two of the best teams, each of which received equity free investment of 10,000 EUR to further their idea, and a place in the intensive pre-accelerator programme
  • Tippy, FeelingStream, Marina Ahoy and Need2Park were selected to Ajujaht TOP 30 
  • RebelRoam and FeelingStream were selected to Prototron TOP 40

Future plans

During the next half year, the VUNK team will largely focus on internal innovation by accelerating internal business streams, people and processes. As we now have a great experience from the external programme and methodologies, which have helped accelerate and intensify the operations of a number of start-ups, we can build on the lessons learned.

We will also keep an eye on the first batch, and the RebelRoam and Tippy teams have decided to join our newly created little corporate hub.

Last but not least, we will soon begin to prepare the external programme for next year, which will certainly cover a similar programme to this year’s, plus we’ll have few new things we want to validate on the market. At the end of the day, we are still a bit of a start-up ourselves.

To all our Estonian speaking friends, do listen to the radio interview on Restart with our co-founders Viktoria Ruubel and Holger Haljand.

Starting up from inside a corporate

In addition to the two teams participating in the VUNK Accelerator programme today, quite a few teams who did not manage to set up their team during the hackathon weekend in August have independently developing their idea future.

For example Career3, a team from Eesti Telekom, was not able to find developers at a right time, but the energy of the authors of the idea has not run out – quite the opposite.

We caught up with Paul Are and Endo Viires to hear their story and see where are they heading.

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Have a pre-seed or seed stage startup?

On October 29th you have an opportunity to take a stage and have a 3-minute pitch. We'll meet at 5 p.m. @ Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Tallinn). Read more »

Two new ideas from Estonia ready to sweep the world

On Friday, the panel of VUNK accelerator mentors chose two new smart technology startups out of seven, which are seen as having potential to become international success stories.

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Meet VUNK TOP 7 team: Tippy 

In an alphabetical order get to know #GetVunked2015 team No. Seven - Tippy & team lead Marek Fraczyk. They are about to change the world of tipping & giving feedback for service you get in a bar, pub or restaurant - so no more awkward feeling when you realize the service has been superb but you cannot show it. Plus team motto - we just do it.
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